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Our herbal leaves and powders are your keys to natural health. Whether you seek every day vitality, optimal nutrition or easy from serious discomfort, Africa Herbs has a plant based response for you! Check out our categories below to find the best match for your needs:

About Us

Established 2012, Africa Herbs has done more than refine an ancient African Tradition. Guided by a long line of ancestors, the Ouedraogo family has been cultivating herbs on farmland for centuries.

As herb merchants, they fuse a variety of herbs using a unique West African grounding technique to yield high-quality, sustainable herbal supplements and remedies.

A Burkina Faso native, Aly Ouedraogo decided to bring West Africa’s herbal remedies to Harlem, New York. He produces everything in Burkina Faso and ships to his home base in Harlem New York.

Client Testimonials

“Africa Herbs is a truly outstanding company. I discovered Africa Herbs when I was on a search for natural and effective remedies. Upon discovery, I called for a consultation and the herbs prescribed for my ailment were more effective than I expected. I saw the results almost immediately. I am still using the herbs today and will continue to use them in the future. Africa Herbs makes living the natural and holistic lifestyle that much easier.”

Satisfied Costomer May 11

I met Aly, and he said he had a product that would help my itchy skin. He gave me the product to take for 24 days. I used the herbs, and by the time I finished taking it, my skin improved and the itching stopped. I tell others about this company because they have good products. I thank Africa Herbs for helping me feel better.”

Aisha Diallo, May 23

“I was suffering from hemorrhoids for 11 years. I tried hemorrhoid creams, ointments, and other types of medicines but nothing worked to fix my problem. I was desperate until one day, a friend told me about Africa Herbs by Aly Ouedraogo, who could cure my problem in 2 weeks after taking his herbs. Honestly, it was a miracle, and I 100% recommend it.”

Mr. Sakande May 26