A2A Vit-E™


Vitamin E

A2A Vit-E™ is a pharmaceutical grade Vitamin E powder made from sprouted seeds. It is popularly used to prevent diseases of the heart and blood vessels including hardening of the arteries, heart attack, chest pain, leg pain due to blocked arteries, and high blood pressure. Excellent for women who seek a healthy pregnancy or relief from high blood pressure, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), painful periods, menopausal syndrome, hot flashes associated with breast cancer or breast cysts.

Directions: Take 2 teaspoons with food twice daily. Do not take more than 1 months.

Body Target: Total Body

Benefits: Boost health of immune system, brain function, eyes, and skin

Weight (ounces) : 4.1/2 oz

Dosage : 2 Teaspoon

Servings : 15

Product Form : Powder

Main Ingredient : Sesamum Indicumt