MOKUTTER Pure Shea Butter™


Moisturize Your Face, Body, Hair & Skin

Mokutter™ is an all-purpose moisturizer known as “Women’s Gold“ in Africa. It is used for the face, body and hair due to rich contents of vitamins E and F. Pure Shea Butter™ is 100% raw and unprocessed cream from the shea tree. Apply it as a stand alone moisturizer or add it to your other beauty products.

Directions: Soften Pure Shea Butter™ before application by rubbing a small portion between your hands.

Body Target: Skin and Hair

Benefits: Moisturize for the face, body, hair and skin

Weight (ounces) : 8 oz

Dosage : 2-3 times a day

Servings : 60

Product Form : Raw Cream

Main Ingredient : Shea butter Vitellaria paradoxa