TOSPORA Cough Care™

Ease Cough and Soothe Lungs

Tospora™ is a traditional aid for to relax lungs when a cough persist. The effect is notice after a few days. Cough Care supports and promotes lung health and most usefully when lungs are temporary irritated or inflamed.

Directions: Add 1/4 teaspoon to 6 oz. of water. Drink 2 times a day with meals for 3 consecutive days. If necessary, start treatment again after a 1 day pause.

Suggestion: Cough Care™ is strong in effectiveness and taste. To neutralize the taste and keep the benefits add fresh lemon juice and/or honey.

Body Target: Lungs Benefits: Reduce cough and reduce lung inflammation

Weight (ounces) : 5/8 oz

Dosage : ¼ tsp

Servings : 14

Product Form : Calcined Powder

Main Ingredient : Calotropis procera

Package : (sm) bottle