UTE-POGLUM Womb Care-2™


Extra Comfort Uterus from Painful Fibroids

Ute-Poglum™ offers comfort to those with uterine fibroids. Its core ingredient is a special bark found in the savannahs of West Africa traditionally used to soothe the muscle layer of the uterus.

Directions: Use 1/4 teaspoon two times a daily during meals for 2-3 weeks. After third week wait a month before resuming. During this pause, it is advisable to take MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE, SCHUSSLER SALTS (CALCAREA FLUORICA and KALIUM SULFlRICUM). Both products can accompany Womb Care-2™ .

Body Target: Uterus

Benefits: Ease symptoms associated with uterine fibroids: pelvic pain, abnormal menstruation and difficult urination

Weight (ounces) : 1.3/8 oz

Dosage : ¼ Tsp – 1.25mL

Servings : 10

Product Form : Herbal Tea/Powder

Main Ingredient : Parkia biglobosa

Package : (md) Bottle